Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Roommate Of The Year

Is there a limit to what a desperate college student will do for some money to pay off all those loans?

In my personal experiments to test this question, I recently tried rapping. OK, so I'm no 50 cent but did put in more than just my two cents in's Roommate Of The Year contest.

I have been chosen for round two of the competition where the finalists will be narrowed down determined in part by America's vote.

I stand up for acts of roommate greatness everywhere and even encourage them from your roommate.

Now I'm seeking your help;

STEP ONE: click to check out my entry in the roommate of the year contest held by and hit "vote now" to support. You can vote once per day per computer until the end of july.

STEP TWO: If you share it with your roommate (it doesn't matter who you live with-- mothers still count and are nothing to be embarrassed about!) and maybe they'll learn some things about roommate greatness that will work in your favor!