Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When You Need To Awaken Your Inner Wolf Can You?

You get into your car at night alone, buckle up, and start to drive away when you hear a gruff voice from behind your seat. The stranger gets strait to the point and demands "keep driving". What do you do?

I showed up to a self defense class this evening just wanting to hit some stuff, wrestle people to the ground, and screw around for fun and stress relief (which I accomplished) but I hadn't considered the urgency of the previous question when I had signed up.

When my grandmother was held at knife-point in a parking lot, she slammed her foot on the gas and but did not drive away. Instead she circled and chased the crook prepared to do some damage. It's this kind of relentlessness that you need to keep in mind for you're own safety. Pretend you're a ravenous wolf and just go for it, you will probably regret it if you don't.

Here a few beginner tips to whip out if you're ever in a time of need:

Be prepared knowing anything can be a weapon.

They don't want to get caught so make a scene.

Have you ever gotten stabbed in the eye? well neither have I but its gotta hurt like hell with the added bonus of obscured vision so aim there.

Oh yea and to avoid your pesky backseat perpetrator get in a wreck with a nice looking car, a fender bender will do just fine to attract the coppers! It may sound cheesy but your brain is your strongest weapon.

This class was a relaxing and empowering experience and you should definitely give it a go. Unless you're a rapist because we don't want to share these secrets with nasties.


  1. This was interesting, well told, and definitely useful!

  2. Did your class teach you these tips about driving safety? I feel it might be a liability for them if they are teaching people to chase their criminals...

  3. Love the voice Amy :) And Of course the photos!

  4. Awesome job relating your defensive fun time to a broader issue of safety....definitely helpful for the readers. Great pics too