Friday, January 21, 2011

Special Feature: Snow Creature Competition Winners!!!

The death of the snow brings with it VICTORY for those who had the tenacity to don their winter attire and childish spirits!

FIRST PLACE goes to:

A SHERMAN-ITE!!! Austin College students were in every way out-done by this Sherman resident's Mexican snowman (complete with sombrero and rooster statue).

The jury was especially impressed by the creativity of the sombrero, and the use of bottles for buttons. Fact: this snow-Mexican towers high over every snow creature sighted this season.



Kelby Wilson, Sarah JF, Madeline Smith et al. with a snow-Kirby!

Red Fanta was used to color the feet, and pink lemonade for the body. Sweet action!


And finally, in THIRD PLACE:

Gloria Jones with an adorable momma and baby kangaroo!

It even has a tail!

Props for the school spirit, Gloria.


Special note goes to the top two snow-creatures from last year's snow:

Kim Cook et al.'s snow-honey-bear:

And a snow-softball-player by Samantha Matulis:

As well as the two internet-pirated submissions from Nic Low and Warren Clark:

A HUGE thank you to all those who participated in this years Snow Creature Competition! Your snow creatures may be melted, but now they shall LIVE FOREVER in the depths of the internet!

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